Shivers travel fast in my streams

Quivers hold fast my joints

One leg forced into a hole of fright

The other stands here shivering with hope

Perhaps there will be a leap in miracle

Or there’ll be an end to a suffering

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2014

Thanks to those who read my posts. If ever loneliness ruled my world, you’re the ones who defeated him, if ever self doubts sat with me, you’re the ones who made me strong, I write as I do because you come here. Thank you again. Due to some problems with my health, I’ll be away for a week or two. I hope you find other posts to read here while I’m away. I’ll particularly miss reading on other blogs but I’ll catch up God willing when I get the strength. I’ll leave by saying:

Stress is there to be de-stressed

Hate is there to be conquered by love

Sorrow is there to be conquered by happiness

War is to be conquered by peace

Pain is transient

Even the mythical death

Shall be dead to us when we die


Blessings and love.

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2014




The rude visitations of the rains

Touch my sanes

What becomes of

Those with unsheltered homes?


What happens to

Those with no mother’s arms?


Who tends to

Those with no towels of comfort,


Who feeds

Those who live from hand to mouth?


I weep watching their plight in my mind

Cooped in corners,

Hugging own legs,

Rain gutting the land on their skins as they shiver

With hunger gunning their stomachs


Do the eyes of the street see them?

Do the ears of the world hear them?

Can the mouth of the earth speak for them?

The nose of the slums sniff them, that I know

And knowing is like a thousand knives

Piercing my mind

Because I was part of their kingdom

Before the hands of years stretched

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2014






As the many land

With golden spoons

And the many land

With silver spoons

With others landing

With a bronze spoon

How can you sit there watching

While I land with no spoon?


As the many reject

The many clothes in boos

And the many reject

The many shoes

With the many loving

Their precious shoes

How can I be left with nothing

While I came with them in the same cues?


If the land is left with nothing

At least the ant wipes its hands

To pacify the lands

Why do I have nothing

For the one who did my carrying

As she watches my empty hands

As they came to the lands

Remain same as she leaves for eternal touring?


Scrub and I scrub

Clean and I clean

Dig and I dig

Like a pig and its dirt

I live in work

Why am I left with nothing?


God I ask you why?

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2014









Goose pimples





Fast heartbeats



Time pauses

Everything beautiful


A boarder, then








I realised too late

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © 2014




These winds

Of horror,

Marry none


Marry no thoughts of:






















And sicknesses



Just marry  thoughts

Which will make you you.

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2014










On this shore

I sit

My tears being

The water source

Reminiscing the pace

Of my steps from the womb


On this shore

I stop

At the time

You crossed my path

And try to meander

Past your gaze to no avail


On this shore

I fight

To resist your gift

And to move on

With no burden of the present pain

To no avail


On this shore

I watch

As I carry the baggage

You called gift

Into my presence


So much hurt

I pee through my eyes

A waterfall of pee

Which consumes my soul

At this rate

It will drown me

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2014




Inhibiting filthy aggressions

Show when our interests tempts

An order came

For a continental meeting

For world peace

All reps were in seat

Battling for their own to rule the world

A voice

A louder voice

The loudest voice

Chaos, no voice was heard

Until a money bone fell in their midst

The trusting pushers

Who waited in anticipation of good news

Were forgotten

All the respectful animals turned into dogs

Fighting their scariest

To win the bone

Even the dove fought for a while

Before regaining thoughts of sanity

In the end, the peace needed turned more chaotic

As reps were seen with wounds

Revenge stood against avengers and blood turned the land into a river

Because the bone of contention

Was kept hidden somewhere under the place of convergence

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2014




Once in the land of the wild

God staged a judgement in the mild

He called king lion

Who sought to sing to enter Zion

But sang the song of the murderous


The crowd cheered in happiness

Their terrorist has been fairly judged by His Holiness

They sang and praised

God’s name was raised

Until he asked for the judgment to continue



He called the beautiful peacock

Who smiled and hissed at the cock

She sexily walked and sexily talked

But ended in the books of the locked

For priding in beauty given


The crowd cheered minus the lion and her

The many boos was difficult for them to bear

Until God called the pious looking cat

Who went to sit on the judgment mat

He stole God’s meat and was immediately caught


Many cheered

Minus Lion, Peacock and cat who had erred

And so it went

Every animal was burnt

Until all was judged


At the end of trial

God became the villain of His own trial

All the animals who tried to his better judgment woo

Became the ones whose voices were heard in the loudest boo

Like the perishables, we all hide our dirt under our cover-cloths

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © 2014




A noise,

I stop,




And rush back into my hole

If that is my trait as an ant,

Would I be a master

Going down the annals

In the school of Christ?


Amidst the fears,

I strive


For the times of the rains

I gather


In the promising sunlight,

I search


And though my store house

Is mostly evaded, I still work

To attain my goals



You have no excuse

You are not like me

Who can be crashed by unintentional feet


So wake

And move.

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2014







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Originally posted on mikesteeden:

french maid 2

A nebula of apathy

Dims the moral high ground

There is nothing enlightening to unearth

Atop Mount Virtue

No reward at all

However cathartic

The climb

Looking down from the summit

The ever open canopy

The lush savannah plains

A land the Blameless

Claim to be a defiled Eden

A place of passion

Of lust

Of life

Consumed with envy

He dropped to his knees and

Wept tears of


The girl Lilith was

Born of Mother Earth

Once a self-righteous

Poker faced fool

Named her an

‘Unclean animal’

From the watcher’s chaste vantage point

And remorse riddled recollection

‘Animal’ was appropriate enough

He bore the scars to prove it yet

‘Unclean’ an unfortunate

Cruel satire

Certainly and

To his cost

He could verify her………

‘Unrepressed appetite’

She who would and had

Eaten him up and

Spat him out

Let her cleavage

Do the talking

Laughed in his face?


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Our seeds are sewn

In love and growth

We land on the hands

Our seeds are sewn

In love and growth

We land on the hands

Of the earth with faith

But mostly attract frowns on faces



A little angelic animal lands in the cradle



Human expectation has been breeched to the core



Inheritors must have huge sticks



Because they need to tend to us cows


So we join the herd

Being trained and flogged

Being used and dumped

Being trained in pain

Being hands of houses

Being eyes with corneas of rivers

Which must always act like the sun in the sky


When humans hold cutlasses and guns

We hold brooms and extend our bellies

Like balloons with an opening being filled

By a never tiring mouth until it burst

Leaving us with a brokenness to be tended



Our eyes have been uncovered


I say,

Let’s say no to being seen as only hands which cook


I say,

Let’s love brains and shine so bright in the books


I say

Let’s turn our hurts into gain and make our gain the earth’s


I say

Let our flowers wow and let the world bow


Leaves and flowers may be on the same plant

But flowers attract relegating leaves to the background


Let’s strive to put smiles

On the faces of human donors

When they see the paths instead of the sticks

They crave,

We are super humans,

We can never be classified

Under less humans

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © 2014




Poor villages.

None to inform

No light for television

No interest in falling currency

The people of Crotoa village

Only think of feeding


They owe no one

They feed themselves

But in trying to feed others

They come at a cost,

A cost the government bears


Ghana, ghana

Gold turning sand

Thieves of the poor

Evils in politics

God sees so he sees you all

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2014




Tears no go save

All face go shame

Choppers go bi chopped

Like Lapeewa


Ghanaians de suffer

Wey you guys dey steal

Abeg ooo, na who talk you say

Make you steal money

Wey no dey reach?


Poor men’s money

Dey have

plenty eyes


If for say we no do

You notin mpo a

I know say your face

No go fit campaign

Yeryer faces, make una dey hoot yourself

You don finish be dat

Tiif tifs una don done

Abeg, make u come down from

Our seats now.

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2014



Romance in the Rain


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Originally posted on Willow Snow:

Let’s be spontaneous today
And play barefoot in the rain
Drenched from head to toe
Dancing with no inhibition
Like we’re the only two alive
Creating our own perfect moment
Like you see in those romance films


(Photo credit)

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Originally posted on Peaks and Valleys:

Standing before your
creator after you
breathe your last
He will ask…

“What did you do with
all I had given you?”

I was sickly all my life!
From childhood my body
betrayed me, twisting,
burning, paining!

Get up, I did.

I grew up in poverty
knowing the taste of hunger
and ridicule.

Get up, I did.

I am a product of a
broken family.
Divorced parents
embittered by love lost.

Get up, I did.

My innocence was stolen
by those meant to
protect me
from the monsters
that lurk in the night.

Get up, I did.

I was bullied all
throughout school.
I was a “retard” because
I had dyslexia and went
to special Ed. classes.
I was introverted
fat, poor, and from a
broken home.
My tormentors were

Get up, I did.

I was the caretaker for
my disabled mother
for 37 years giving
up my mobile…

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An Untold Story


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Originally posted on Random Musings:

Painted Canvasses without blood
The desires dried dripping

Poured on demon like floors
Couldn’t devour the soul

The paints screamed for a wall
When kerosene washed them away

Brushes lie on the stained cotton
Looking at the easel in the corner

Silks stacked away, a story of life
Painted in crimson, clear blue

Incomplete it rested
Complimenting rags shoved in the carton

It only looked like she did not care
Neither did she look back once,

As her life was on a run, yearning
Meaning and fun, in wrong places

Years passed away, not realising
Once best friends were peeping, calling

Attention, care and caresses
Ready to be used up and thrown

So they could get a home
On the incomplete canvasses

Waiting to complete the story untold
A place where they truly belonged

*If my incomplete paintings, and the paints had feelings, they’d be really missing me*

Pooja Alok

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MATE (Kishiya)


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Originally posted on yasniger:

So she said to I,
“To all women as I,
My mate is better than I,
What did she do to him and I?
Or had I failed him as I,
To make him withdraw from I?
How else do you interpret to I,
It’s envy or it’s all male to I?”

Haka ta che,
“Wa ni da duk mache,
Kishiya ta ta fi ni.
Ko ya ta yi da shi, da ni?
Ko de na kasa,
Har ya sa ya fasa?
Ko ya zaka fasara,
Kishi ne, ko duniya na maza?”

Collection of over 250 poems

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Originally posted on Gemini's Lament:

Your deosil dance
Has only served
To make me dizzy.
I’d rather just avoid it.

In fact
I’ve been busy enough
Sparking communion
With your dancing tree
Since you began.

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Originally posted on Dish with Mish:

2014-09-11 21.22.27

March On – – Edited by:  Michelle Molloy


He feels the squeeze

Ready to erupt

The gravity of the world

He takes upon oneself

Too much for him to expose

He did not ask for this

At no time, did he want to lead

His resolve unites them all

In honor, liberty and justice for all

He leads the course

With apprehension

Look after them all

As they Pound the Pavement

Pound the Pavement to Freedom

Copyright 2014 – Michelle Molloy

Wall photo edited by:  Michelle Molloy

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Lonely Is the Night


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Originally posted on dreamshadow59:

                                       The sound of silence

The sound of silence, cold, lonely, covered in a seplecure’s shadow.
Wind howling through a swinging gate sets Night’s mood, as darkness fills the sky.
Time for sinners, Shadowless figures that roam the night, content in suffering’s pain.
Play on, shadow of darkness, for it’s YOUR time to wallow in despair.

The hand of comfort knows no welcome here.
Dance to the music-less tunes, and let the sigh of despair engulf you.
Begone Light of reason, for only the insane are welcomed.
Death welcomes thee, be content in his abode.

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Quantum fluctuation


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Originally posted on Poems & poèmes:


quantum fluctuation


virtual particles
elementary quarks
whistling in the dark
1, 2, 3,

I you it he she we you they
The Allegory of the Cave
a walk in the Park
silent light
prescient Night
meet your death
and take a breath


quantum fluctuation


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That Helpless Feeling


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Originally posted on Army of Angels:

As a weekend with the dad approaches, Little AoA begins, once again, showing signs that something is wrong. It started Tuesday night-before going with the dad on Wednesday for the weekly overnight. Poor thing wet the bed.

On the way to school, she started complaining that her stomach hurt. Once at school, I had to pry her from my body. At the end of the day, I was in a meeting, so another adult took her to the dad. She went with no tantrum-I guess she figured she didn’t have a choice.
The Morning After
I picked the kids up the next morning to take them to school. Immediately, Little AoA started whining that her stomach hurt. She didn’t want to go to school. According to brother, Little AoA had fallen asleep on the way home from church the night before, then stayed up as late as she could before…

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Striped Gemstones at Etsy!


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Originally posted on irenedesign2011:

Beautiful Silver Hook Earrings with Striped Gemstones by IreneDesign2011 in my Etsy Shop at

Do you like these earrings? I would love to know, thanks ;-)


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Factious Debate


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Originally posted on Aubrey's Arch:

Crystal forgery

Bloody miles of thieves

Expansive inundated plagiary

Will the true elite, bring back

Delivered speech

Earth storm and blood wars

Fishing for the root of the first-born

Initiate, captivate, disintegrate

Factious debate

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Eternity in vain


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Originally posted on Perspectives on life, universe and everything:

I listen to you
day and night
you call your life hard
my friend, you know not
the pain and agony
to live a life of eternal wrought
to tread through travails of time
mean nothing to oneself
life passes and passes
there is no end
Just ticks and tock
On one big clock

20131206-044229 pm.jpg

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Saint Ralph

Originally posted on ECHOING ENIGMA:


If you want to see an enjoyable movie, I’m recommending “Saint Ralph”.  I just watched this Canadian film from 2004, again–and I don’t care what the critics say about cliches and less-than-great directing.  If there are cliches, they don’t strike me gratingly; I’m fairly picky, and I think it’s fine fiction.  Part coming-of-age, humorous and inspirational, the cast which includes some notable actors carries the story along well, drawing me in sufficiently to want to see it another time.

And if you’re a music lover, the “Hallelujah” song in this will bring tears.

It’s set in Canada in the 1950s, where the lead character, Ralph, is a schoolboy who has already lost his father and is dealing with the possible loss of his hospitalized, comatose mother–all of this exacerbated by the painful complications of adolescence.  It’s a Catholic story, and features teaching priests who are at various stages of their…

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FRIYAY & Animal Print


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Originally posted on Jessica & Love :

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I have had an awfully busy afternoon – between catching up with the latest dramas on Made in Chelsea NYC, painting my fingernails florescent-peach (looks better than it sounds, I promise) and organising outfits for this weekends adventures it is safe to say I really do have my hands full (I know, I know, I am so punny*). Friday – more like FRIYAY – am I right people? Okay I am done, I promise.

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FRIYAY & Animal Print


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Originally posted on Jessica & Love :

Follow my blog with Bloglovin‘ & Instagram

I have had an awfully busy afternoon – between catching up with the latest dramas on Made in Chelsea NYC, painting my fingernails florescent-peach (looks better than it sounds, I promise) and organising outfits for this weekends adventures it is safe to say I really do have my hands full (I know, I know, I am so punny*). Friday – more like FRIYAY – am I right people? Okay I am done, I promise.

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What I Learned from Domestic Violence and You Can Too!


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Originally posted on betternotbroken:

1. Violence is violence, there is no need for the term “domestic.” 

Gee, I sure wish I could help you with the whole feminist domestic violence crapola but I cannot. I cannot be a hypocrite like you, men are victims too. Women are just as violent. So no, I cannot possibly care about women who are abused because no one, myself included, is doing anything to help men. 

Fabulous! Let us simply call it violence, although I am weary of enlisting an ally who speaks in the above terms.  I now know not to have a double standard for a man in my home and a man on the street when it comes to violence. And who said males should endure violence? There are sons being taught that it is permissible to beat women while being beaten by a woman. It would be nice to help them out as much as the daughters of the world and…

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Never worry no more.


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Originally posted on ronovanwrites:

Normally I wait until after a piece to tell you the inspiration. Not this time. Fibromyalgia is bad. It can hurt so much you feel like you are going insane. Every emotion is magnified to an incredible level. Therefore depression can be bad, very bad. When you read this, it’s a Bluesy thing, slow, pausing at the end of each line. I think you will get  feel for it maybe, or you can just read it like a poem. Depression and a brutal broken heart can feel the same way. I’m there tonight.


My heart’s still poundin’ though you’re gone

It never really mattered what was wrong

I only wanted to be with you  for so long

And that was to be forever ever and ever and ever

But now I sit her all alone

Darkness closes in on me in my fears

Never have I been so filled with…

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Originally posted on Shawn L. Bird:

Toe catches

Body crashes

Chair slides

Glass rattles

Hands smack

Knees crunch

Pain punches




Ouch.  I’m going to feel this tomorrow!

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The Wait Eternal


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Originally posted on Richard Ankers:


Two paper flowers
Wet with passion,
Petals unfolding,
Never touching.
So little time
To express their love:
They wait;
They hope;
They yearn;
They wilt,
Until next year.

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When the sun goes to sleep

And wakes at dawn

It smiles

And brights


When the moon goes to rest

And wakes in the eves

It smiles

And brights


When the breeze goes to rest

And wakes

It makes

The mouth smile


So smile; your highness

Bright; your goodness

Lead in aptness

And let all dance in gladness

Your great highness

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © 2014





Bubbles in the blood

Yearning suddenly flood

Eyes are closing

Hands are holding

Breathes suddenly rule


A dance as sweet as honey

Change of names into honey

Legs in rhyme

Feelings like crime

Cupid stands smiling



Tawia, wake, please wake

There’s chaos that needs unravelling”

Damn these dreams.

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2014




Silver Threading nominated me for the Versatile Blogger Award, I am so honoured to be nominated by such a gifted one. Thank you very much.

I nominate all the blogs I follow. They inspire me to write and it will be unfair to choose from the diversely gifted blogs I follow. Thank you all for writing and inspiring the way you do, especially Bonnie Marshall, Tina Blackledge,, Rob,, Carol,, FGM and all you special ones. Thank you very much.




Passions erupt

Angels corrupt

Decisions abrupt

Goodness disrupts


Mouths of redness

Ears of goldness

Nails of clawness

Chestlies like two munchness


You are a deception

You do have an attraction

But deceit is your caption

Though you do get true attention


In a hurry

The fury

Due truly

Will you bury

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © 2014




Two grasses

On many lawns



But the poor lawns

Have their beauties smeared

And their lives ended


I live

I see

The unfair blues


I try

I cry

But no good


You go in spirit

Your lives are taken

But your marks remain on firm minds

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2014

This is for all those who have lost their lives unfairly. this is to give hope to their living families and peace to the departed. May all such souls rest in perfect peace.





Upon the directive of the government

All streets must have a numerical adornment

To make it easier for settlement

Agreed, seemed like a good judgement


Hehe haha hehe, I must laugh in this ville

When in Ghana, I see Loiusville

And I come across Eddyville

I wonder what happened to Kojovile



Extreme copiers

Men copiers hiding in frontiers

Open your ears you super copiers


As some are doing, there can be a Kofilane

An Agbovi lane

A Narteylane

Or an Esilane


We watch to do the better

We don’t watch to do the exact

Our names are ours, their names are theirs

Why the cleaning of our heritage?

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2014







Upon the dawn of trouble

Fear rises in symbol

Crawling through the mind

Painfully to the land of the heart


Upon the dawn of defeat

Regret takes a seat

Flashing back to the beginning of war

And watching painfully as bitterness worked


Upon the fall of a maestro

The pain jerks him into

His mother’s arms as he watches

His greatness through to his fall


Light, then darkness

Darkness then light

Jerking  and screaming

Hold hands in synonyms.

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2014




It seems sealed

All boxed up

Like a nice package

But in there are pains

Suffering, fears, longing

And under the box lies

The hope wanting to be seen

So uncover




And peel

Until all those you want hidden

Give way to the one thing

Which will attract the light

Like magnet to you

You are a sun boxed in wood

I know.

   Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2014



I was born beautiful

With an added original for a purpose

Man thought they were not enough

There was the mouth

Ears, nose and you know what

But my ears got an earthly

Why must you tamper with

My original earth path of the mighties?


Cries of the land for me were ignored

Cries of the creator in deep rains

Were ignored, even the land so close

Had voice unheard, how will the heavens be heard?

They cited faithfulness

Then culture

The things a woman must see

Pain, pain, pain until pain is taken by the earth

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2014

I wrote this piece to tell all those who suffered and are still suffering under the barbaric Female Genital Mutilation that we shall rise, we are fighting to free their minds and protect their young ones. God should give them peace from now till they depart home.





Light over the darkness happily rise

Dawn showers its teary hurt

There’s time for the dark

There’s time for the light

Even as the darkness seems to resist


Dawn’s tears always in faith persist

But fairness always in discipline moves

So you have your time

I have my time

Each has his time in turns


Flow and grow

Bounce, don’t announce

No call you make

Will be an only feature in the world

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2014





Beautiful Flower

I yearn for a day of no sorrow

Where words will have no sadness to borrow

To have life to enable them leave the hollow

And light the pain to mellow


When spring calls

And summer falls

I yearn for many made halls

Of sunlight in my head’s thinking walls


Let the shine which shines forever

And the fire which quenches forever

Purge this soul and brew new moulds to make all sadness quiver

As mine becomes a home of happiness forever

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2014







Croaking frogs sing in fear

Scared antelopes run to save their lives so dear

The pain in the owls’ voices, so clear

Nothing seems mere

In these times, in this jungle


Ants are hiding in their tiny holes

Snakes are hiding in borrowed anthills

The lions’ den is crowded by strangers

But the lions hunger is lost in fear

They hide behind their shivering meals


















Barks and many others collide

As darknesses run into darknesses

Shivering in fear


Fear of the earth which is shifting

Her body’s shadow squeezing

Her angry growl scares

Her class who have been naughty

Wish for spanks

But she has no whip, only anger

The most cowardly of her class;

Humans they call themselves

Have all collapsed.

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2014







At this juncture

In this structure

Where I could pride fracture

But still force to venture

I hatred nurture

Against one whose bosom I once found sweet nurture



At this juncture

Who can take this old furniture

From which I received a lovely nurture

Of my mind as I aim for the law to murder

And put us asunder?


You forced my hand

To threw our band

Into the sand

Where the sea will find

Now we battle on this field

May the best one win.

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2014




You worship with your wish to the sky

He prays with his feet beating the land

She swears the land is accursed

I spit and ease in the land

Yet we beg the land for food


We walk and step on land

We dig and build on land

We dig the land for gold

You know and I know, he knows and she knows

That the land is our eternal resting place

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2014




Hunchback television

Paved way for the flats

All inspired by Edison’s light


Harvested food’s love with famine

Gave reason for the canned and tinned

All inspired by the need to eat and survive


Brown leaves fall

In wait of the greens

All inspired by the tree’s need to flourish


At a time you’ll need a rope

To climb life’s hurdle and reach the bank

So must you be the rope in time to help the needy reach his goal


Even though some may fall

And the sharp legs may make you tear

Know there many who’ll make it worthwhile


Here, be my rope

And prepare me as a good rope

To transport others to their needed destination.

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2014




If the spider served as teacher

To the mighty kente weaver,

The antelope served as teacher

To the Efutu indigenous dancer

And the ant was made a teacher

Of we thoughtful life livers

Then there’s none so daft

To the tee

In this rounded earth  of ours

I’ll look,


And add in wisdom.

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2014




Stony, stony, stony mountain

No water, no food, no assuring fountain

Heart on fire

No heart’s desire

I’ve lost my bid on the painful counting


Stony, stony, stony mountain

Fearfully, heartlessly and horribly daunting

All you’ve made me is a crier

As the sun do me frier

And some hungry lions keep on haunting


Stony, stony, stony mountain

There is nothing here to keep noting

My situation is dire

You are nothing but a lair

Of the wild and thoughtless and eternally hunting


But I won’t fall now in the chase nor daze

I’ll make sure you pay out in this race or craze

You show and I’ll step further

To turn me into food I’ll make sure you are rather

So you go on and laugh and with my haunters liaise

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2014





This soul of hurt and sorrow

What peace toll will it borrow

To leave for astral ‘plane

When this body sets sail?


Strength saps

When thoughts of my blood visibly shakes

With less mentality

Who’ll be the caretaker when I leave for astral ‘plane?


This here

In this chest enclave

Shakes and breaks

As it thinks about it


Seraph please rise!

Rise to my defence and cries!

And protect all my debris

No matter how filthy, please.

ASC (c) 2014


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