He stirs

She stirs

Facing the opposites

Suppressing the love which wants to play


He yawns

She yawns

An evidence of watching with instincts

But all hands have been tied with pride


Some angry opener

In settled time

Left its ghost on the love birds

Now even in sleep, it occupies the middle


Their eyes never meet at day

They bodies never touch at night

Cupid of old, take out your charms

And exorcise their home to make them one in bed.

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2014




A skirt

I smartly wear my work desire

And look forward to success acquire

But they all say that is not what they require

They look down my skirt with eyes of fire

And guess what they require


I have two soft things they want as pillows

I have some talkers they want as toffees

I have a body they want as toy

No competence of mine can clear their heads

Neither will talking stop their obsession


If female is fail

Why will they be the gateways of life?

If female is toyhood, then my joyhood

Remain in the chaotic hood

Snap out of it, you beasts!

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2014




The hands which frets

The eyes which call for want

The head which battles the heart

The tongue which yearns to taste

The legs which move and complain of pain

The ears which draw attention and hurt

The nose which smells good and bad alike

Other organs we always wish to satisfy

Are all cooking with every second

For the daily feast of the grave.

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2014




I am a woman

And I’ll stay a woman

I won’t be a foe to another woman

I won’t be a tool to hurt another woman

A man is a man but a woman is my own


I am a woman

With everything woman

I’ll stand tall and work to be a stronger woman

I’ll never see men as job opportunities

Pride is a beauty I’ll always aim to achieve


I am a woman

And will never covet another woman

All hooked men I’ll forever see as expired species

Because the tears of a woman I deem a curse

I’ll work to portray the beauty of  women


I am a woman

And will never abuse a child

Child abuse makes me a farmer killing my produce

All species must be treated fair and square

Because I am that woman who makes the world


I am a woman

And will not stand to be called a thing

Marriage is golden but will never be a bondage

To force my mind and make me a sinner

Or claim my heart and make me bitter


I am a woman

And I’ll forever stand as a woman

A word against a woman will be a word against me

I’ll look out for all women in all spheres

And help with crisis no matter how hard


I am a woman

And will never act like a chameleon

As I am, so will my image in the mirror be

Because I am a woman

And must always stand tall


I am a woman

Which makes me no boxer

I’ll never pick a fight I can never finish

An abusive man will forever be banished from my heart like a slave

His words will never find a path into my ears


I am a woman

Who worry flees from

No matter its nature

It will bounce back into its hole

So never will I cower when trouble stares



I am a woman

Sensual, beautiful,

Brainy and compassionate

No matter what anyone says,

I am a woman who is a woman and will forever stand tall as a woman

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © 2014




When brains fear strength

Chaos stands tall

The body of the pen

Must fear no muscles

Because its voice is the loudest

Let the pen talk

And the muscles bow

Power like that

Needs no coward for an ink

I am a pen

A pen without muscles

But I will never stand

To be crashed without my ink

Staining the land

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2014





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We struggle in this rounded shelter

With no thoughts of those we replaced

Angry ghosts still bloat the earth

Taking our space and breathing our air


For every one we push unfairly

Into the mouth of the glutton earth

There is the hurt that lives unnoticed

In our personal space and our personal time


A word which hurts

A breathless toast

Will rise to live

Until it is taken back


Let’s with one voice

Make it our one choice

To call their leader

And render our apologies

To send them sleeping in their right places.

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2014



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The man with the broomy beard

Sweeps the road and clears the gutters

He defies all the insults and taunts

To keep the Ghanaian royal centre clean


Oko the dancer dances the streets

Oko the wicked murders some rubbish

Oko the ambitious wants a palace out the street

Oko the cruel imposes neatness


His vision

And mission

Clash and bounce like bouncy balls

As his audience shout and cry


Cholera calls his competence to book

Mahama steps down from his throne

Of insults, to clear the gutters

Fearing a Mahama-Cholera caption

Ghana my homeland

Ghana my home

Even to clear dirt

We still must be told


What brains do we keep

For our thoughts?

Dying but still eating

Food garnished by dirt, sad.

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © 201


My heartfelt sympathies go to families of those who lost their dear ones to cholera during the recent outbreak. Let’s keep Ghana clean.




Fame abounds on the humble

Like fire on light ice

It makes the ice so hot

Parched throats fear to touch

But those feeling the cold weather

Get to use the hot water for coffee or tea

Neglecting the thoughts of its original state

Many might have loved to sip it

It might have wanted to quench thirst

Which kills faster than cold


In quenching the cold,

The heart of the cold water

Crying in the hotness turns cold

Then annoyed, then ruthless

And starts tearing itself bit by bit

Until it comes back to normalcy

Only to realize that its initial environs

Eliminated its existence

When the wings of fame took it

So it hangs no where

Until it evaporates

Then fame becomes shame.

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © 2014


This poem is dedicated to people who attain fame and are exploited, only to self destruct hoping to get into their original places. They tend to realise too late that fame takes their authenticity and so they can never fit in their original places. So ice is symbolic of their original state, and the hotness is when they attain fame.




Darkness blocks

And lives as king


Dawn rains

And its moist is loved


The sun appears

And beings wake


Working with the boss

Of the light of the universe


Each and his space in time

To be king or queen


But when your conscience reigns like mine

You’ll be head even under the cover-cloth of darkness


And your feeling will transfer to others

To make you treat them like the heads they are.

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2014.




In the lunch with day

Fatigue bathed as tears poured


In the lunch with day

Hurt entered through ears without an invite


In the lunch with day,

Disdainful eyes threw stones at my heart


In the lunch with day

I yearned for supper at night in your arms


Please bathe me in your sweat

Lure out hurt from the depth of my thoughts

Tend to the wounds of my heart

By putting on me a nightgown of confidence

To start breakfast and go through lunch with day tomorrow

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2014



Mama’s space

Is occupied by air


Mama’s hug

Is always done by the tree


Mama’s voice

Is lost in the wind


So in my many nightmares

I have no voice to call mama


Because when the trees and the air

Run there, their scare will stop my heartbeat.

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2014

(Wrote this after visiting the Tamale Children’s home and meeting very young abandoned children. Seriously, life is not fair)




The cradle cries

From the cold of loneliness

As the infant cringes in the darkness

Of the past


What could’ve now been a blessing

Ended up being a past catastrophe

Which you pushed with the help

Of rakes of harsh drugs


Now you call on God

After abandoning the gourd

Of the gods

To wake the blood drunk by the earth


Gnash your teeth

Weep aloud

Kill yourself with guilty thoughts

Till you join that plasma you impishly shed

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © 2014




Movie watchers

We were created by no one knows

We live for love but none wants to show

We stage comedies but none wants to laugh

Geniuses create parodies

Many show for the show

Others laugh in their shelters and watch

We end up laughing at ourselves in the mirrors of actors

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2014





With the help I’m still getting for my blog, the beautiful posts which inspire me from other bloggers, I thought I should reblog this poem I wrote for my followers and inspirers.

Originally posted on Mum C writes:


It is difficult getting someone to trust in you

It is difficult having someone cheer you on

It is difficult getting the support of your very own

So I’m kind of overwhelmed that you’re here for me


With every post you view my heart skips a beat

With every post you view I feel forever grateful

With every post you view I sing and dance feeling an increase in my strength

There is none like you, there’s really none like you



I hope you share with me your displeasures

I hope you share with me your disappointments

I hope you tell me the titles of your interest

I’ll move body and brains to create them well for you.

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You seem to be a phantom

Who lives in everything living

Your eyes are never shut

Probably because you watch out for us

Or could it be you trust no one?

Your beauty goes throughout the land

Yet none has seen you

Why the mystery?

Who are you hiding from?

Who follows what he can’t see?

Must I always take words of mortals at face value?

I yearn to see you,

Touch you

Hear you

Feel you

And play with you

But my thoughts seem unfounded

Because you seem to be a phantom

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © 2014




Drunkenness steals composure

But frees the inner child


Armed robbery steals properties and lives

But pays men in security


Cheating hurts hearts

But fills the void at some point


One considered ugly

Makes the beautiful stand out


Treason is unpardonable

But cautions us to watch our backs


Learning is difficult

But opens the gates of the beauty of knowledge


Gossiping is disgusting

But makes the sinfuls stand on their toes


Criticism is a huge bitter pill

Which cures armatures and trains their skills


God’s theory lives for hope

But it scares souls from living free


I am one who will see it all

The ugly side as well as its beauty


You can love me for it

Or hate me, this side of me cannot change.

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © 2014




Carnivores hearts bleed

As ebola their targets freed

The kingdom of the wild

Might be singing hallelujah

For their liberation from African mouths

Our curse, their blessing

That’s the life the creator created

Fair to a group now

Fair to that group tomorrow.

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2014





In your own life’s seat

Check your own time and beat

Step on the clutch with your own feet

And move ahead. You can feel the heat,

Feel the cold, crash and hush

You’ll know what you need to fix

You can go to the mechanic and fix

But after the help, please be on the road and mix

Through the rough road

Through the potholes

Through the thieves

And through the traffic

Rest when you have to

You’ll reach the smoothest road ever

By the time you reach your final destination.

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2014




Now I indulge in chanty duets

Not painful pushy frets

I ascend the heavens,

Pass cloud nines to the elevens,

Held by potent electricity

Lighted from my sternum, cursing my chastity


Smooth cheeks take me far

Bewhiskered, and we are at par

The delectation of each brush

Grants my vehicle a fuel stash

To move with the tempo of cupid’s passion

Making tingles a great sensation


Don’t I love this?

Every part of me is in the fix

From the standing hair

To the tips of the feet are being treated fair

Gentle strokes’ tempos are to be followed

Hard rough drives are to be explored


We’ve come this far

From our mothers’ being serviced like many a car

Their chairs being sat on

Until the destination of the drivers are chanced upon

They had no complains

And had no guts to set restrains


Now no shivers

Means no swimming in any rivers

No electricity

Means no strolls to any city

I live in love

When I’m done, I sigh like I’ve been blessed from above

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © 2014




Laughter resonates

From the abyss of the acquired

The acquired watch their masters

Slumber with no awareness

Mocked pageant of self ownership fills the air

At this point, they’re unowned

And can belong to any daring hands

But the snores are so confident

That they have eyes on watch

When they’re also of the flesh

Can a cocoyam leaf protect another

Cocoyam leaf from the heat of the boiling water?

Definitely, weak moments visit

I am the gold of old

I was awakened from the soil

Burnt, polished and refined by you mockers

But I was here before you

And will be here long after you leave

So play pool and knock each other into the ever ready mouth

Of the earth

I still watch from my abyss

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2014





There is quietude in the midst of the noise

There is noise in the midst of quietude

There are humans amidst the inhumans

There are inhumans amidst the humans

No, there are the inhumans lurking in every human

Yours may spark with the light of materialism

His may spark in the light of the centre of women

Hers may spark with the quest for fame

Mine might spark with the quest to curb loneliness

Everyone has a spark of inhumanness stacked somewhere

A ball bounces back to its owner when it’s thrown to hit a wall

So wag the tongue in its enclave

If you know you will lock yours forever

One good turn deserves another, so does a bad turn

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © 2014




Sow a seed

In an infant

It’ll grow to feed

You and your nation


Just plant a seed like an ant

And it’ll grow like an elephant

To wow the world,

Your world


We can starve for a day

Our stomachs will have nothing to say

But smiles will accompany many infant mouths

And your blessing will never decay

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © 2014


Update on Apagya Project – Work to start!


When Nana Awere Damoah fought for the completion of the Apagya Project to see our young ones comfortable in their classrooms, I reblogged. Our little pennies have gone a long way to help. It is not too late to join in the good gesture. Here is an account of the spendings with pictures of receipts so you know the work is being done. Thank you Nana Damoah, you;ll always be blessed for your good heart.

Originally posted on Nana A Damoah:

30 August 2014

Dear Friends,

This is a quick update on the Apagya R/C Project for which we sought your kind donations and support some weeks ago.

Due to your kind donations, we have been able to raise over GHC5000! A group of philanthropists who hail from Apagya had also expressed interest in the project, with a fund of about GHC6000, so we joined forces.

On Tuesday 26 August, our representative joined up with a rep of the other group and travelled to Kumasi to purchase items to start work on the roofing and concrete works to arrest the erosion of the foundation/concrete apron.

A member of the planning team connected us to a hardware dealer who gave both discounts and contributed to the project by paying half of the transportation cost from Kumasi to Apagya, which is GHC300. He also left his duties and took us round to make…

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Daylight saving sunrise 2012 008

The day’s smile, is his light

No matter the winds,

The day smiles

No matter the storm,

The day smiles

No matter how long the clouds thread,

The day smiles

No matter the amount of tears he weeps,

The day smiles

No matter the deadly nature of the fumes he inhales,

The day smiles

Let the rackets make noise,

The day will smile

Let the wicked show him tons of blood

The day will smile

Because he knows his smile is what makes the path visible

For day travellers

Be the day today and forever.

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2014




They swam in competition for the eggs

And won their race

Just hoping for some pecks

So they bore all the cramping and escaped from sicknesses’ chase

Only to come to the shore

To realize they boarded the wrong vehicles



Now what?

No matter the many walks one will take

You see some begging for labour shot

Trying to fake their ages in order to their meals bake

Their sweats cry for help

As their will conquereth their pain


These angels on the street

Trying to be on their feet

They gnash their teeth

In order to hunger beat

They strain their bodies’ meat

And kill their smiles


Let the vehicles that brought them here

Take them back there

There, where their struggles started

There, where their trust forced them to war

Seeing some lost their parts, others hungry,

Others suffering, being beaten and dying is horrendous


Please wake to feed the labour of your pleasure

Mother earth, please let them see the curses they’re incurring

Father sky, please help the pleasurers know their sins have no measure

These angels came to help us live on, only asking for initial caring

They do not deserve this? Please Africa rise

To get them off the street and out of their misery

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © 2014




They sit on the fury of the gods

And fan them to snooze

Everyone is onboard this sin against the gods


Some watch as some touch

The symbolic tails of the chained seer

To hide their sins under its fur


Some sip from the calabash of hatred

Others eat from the earthenware of deceit

While others plant the seeds of pain


Some kill the souls of the pious

Others steal from the banks of the poor

While others drink the blood of their dead ancestors


Some drain the sweat of the innocent

Some call for the lazy mentality

As some swear their fake innocence amidst the storms of chaos


What will happen when the gods finally wake?

Who will be left? Who will be taken?

Who will spared? Whose head will be on the chopper?


The winds which help in the sleeping dosage

Will connive with the storms to get us

And we’ll cave in because of their anger


We all know the anger of the gods have no ears,

No conscience and no sympathy

So let’s keep fanning hoping our hands will never be tired.

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © 2014



Show me a black Jesus

And I’ll change my name to Christiana Peters


I’ll carry His words like a heavy cross

Because I’ll know He is my life’s source


I say show me a black Jesus

One who was taunted with a banana


And I’ll follow his steps to the tomb

Believing He’ll raise me up after three days


Show me a black Jesus

One whose mother was beaten and molested


And I’ll grovel at the feet of His remembrance house

Even if I’m called a thousand names


Show me a black Jesus

Who bore seeing horrible children starve


And I’ll bear it all

In its entirety


Show me a black Jesus

One who lived foreseeing his words being used to capture his future


But cared not and I’ll quietly follow Him

Without any problem


Show me a black Jesus

And let me ask Him why I feel this way


Dejected and feeling used by His words

Seeing His existence as my bondage


If you can’t, please leave me be

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © 2014




I know it is like a contest

But I see in many the yearning for a conquest

You don’t have to do a thing

You need to make me a being and not your thing

What you feel within, please to me confess

I’ll see the moment as priceless

And I’ll love you more

Even if you turn out to be a bore

I won’t care about your pocket

As long as I have you under my cold blanket

In your eyes, I’ll freeze beauty with words

Making thorns into comfortable beds

Just for you

Yes you

Don’t feel burdened to let the ocean of your eyes flow

When there is a crack in the flow

I won’t ever see it as a weakness

I’ll be fulfilled knowing I’m there to help in sweetness

Just so you know

You don’t have to many words know

I won’t bombard you with words

All I’ll give are those you’ll understand, simple words

So bear your soul to me

And let me see

The real you

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia ©2014




Help! He finds pleasure in autoeroticism

Can that be considered cheating?

Who do I fight with for my partner?

Himself? Then I’ve lost the game

All the twinkles left the sky of my eyes

The curves have migrated from the contours of my mouth

Life stares down at my soul-less being

And shakes its head

What is it?

Am I not desirable?

Am I so horrible that a fake hymophroditism

Seems more appealing?

Someone should get me a cream to smear

Get me a lovable clothy skin

Get me a lovable lady trait

And get me out of this torture

This is pure torture undiluted

Fighting for one who is in love with himself

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © 2014





Nikki Samonas is a character I like to watch in movies but her recent interview with Deloris Frimpong Manson (Delay) got my attention the wrong way. Being someone who is a role model and seeks to promote learning through her NGO Help Them Learn she must not openly portray the “use what you have to get what you want” theory. Let’s forget about her purported to have promised a kiss for the first goal scorer of the Black Stars.

When asked by Delay what she thinks about women who have no boyfriends who pay, she said “it is their own palava” translating from Akan to English. I hope no girl who looks up to her watched the interview. Her greed for money with her justification being her poor background is appalling. To her, men are nothing but paying banks and she kept on stressing her need for money from men. Girl why did you struggle to go to school? To be a high class body exchange woman?

If this gets to you Nikki, I am no one to judge you, but I think you should keep your high profiled money exploits through your feminist charm private. With you talking about your many men on national television, it is not you who would not want Ekow Smith Asante, I bet he will not want you even if he is paid.

Since you speak Twi very well, I have this for you as well “madi wo ho yaw paa” for being that happy about using men for money.




Hannah was a sweet girl

Who couldn’t hurt a weak fly

Until Jack took her flower

And abandoned her leaf


No one saw anger developing claws

In her, none saw revenge digging a hole in her

What we saw was her lost frame in the sea of hate

She first uprooted Jack’s roots and got out to hunt


Now she hunts for everything with a stick

Sowing bitterness in humans with paths

And scaring them off the seeds which could better

Their farms, amazing what some hurt can achieve


Innocent turned demon

A demon crushing and chewing hearts

Everyone has forgotten what changed her

They are only cursing her demon

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © 2014



shush mask (1)

If you ask me

I’ll tell you there’s no interest

Mice could live in your stomach

Tell it to others and they cry

Over their own stomachs


If you ask me

I know none cares

Write beautifully, if they’ve never stepped in your word house

Or wish to step in there,

They’ll shun and curse the thought


If you ask me

I know none cares

Your beautiful dress is all they see

Even if you pay a fee

For a perfect you


If you ask me

I’ll say shove it

Throw no fit

Just sit

And look for what caused it

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2014




Cats and rats

Stay in opposite rays

They clap and slap

Their eyes on each other;

Rats desperate in outwitting

Cats desperate for food

“No offence intended

No defence for the weak”

Is the slogan of cats

“No place for slacking”

Be a cat or a smart rat

Chances are, you live full

Or you live being a good runner

Just don’t be none

Because then, you’ll be chewed anyway

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © 2014



I cannot be shamed

Or defamed

Because I’m in my own life’s vehicular driving seat

No defeat

Can get to me

Because clearly, they help me see

With determination and dedication

I’ll get to my rightful destination

Let all the brethren do same

And put enemies to shame

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2014




I stand on this mountain top

Looking at the beautiful terrestrial contours

As I smooch the benevolent dew drop


I stand mesmerized by the lands

Which comfortably sit in innocence

Bearing all barbarisms in its belly and saying nothing to terroristic bands


I stand here

Closer to God

Asking how she can all these bear


My land, peaceful from afar

Chaotically rendered by illiterates of wisdom

Always looking for opinions from afar


Don’t frown on me

If you are an environmental abuser

You are part of the chaos, you see?


If you are a human abuser

You are a greater part of the chaos within

Point no one as the causer


If you contribute to air pollution

You form part of the chaos

So you are in the chaotic jurisdiction


Even if you sit in indifference

You form part of the chaotic storms

Because you cause no difference


Hmmm. If only I could sit here forever

On this mountain top without being hunted down

My happiness and peace of mind will be forever

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © 2014





Theirs was to be the cooks

And shy from books


Theirs was to the weights

Of the night and be baits


Theirs was to be the incubators

And be great spectators


Theirs was to till the farms

And protect little ones from harms


Theirs was to be clear of dreams

And fetch water from streams


Theirs was to be the punching bags

And end up as old hags


Guess what? That was theirs

And not mine


We have passed that time

When in the dark, we used to you mime


We have passed that time

When our dreams cried in graves


I want my dreams to sing here

Here in Africa, here in Ghana


Female cannot do without male

Male cannot also to without female


But the world would rather retain female

Than male


So suppress not my thoughts

Make me no cots


Be with me or without me

But leave my wings to help me fly

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © 2014

(Picture by




Under the dark dark sky

With fireflies as our light,

We cared only about our hearts’ rhythms

And shunned the noisy mosquitoes


Hunger tried but failed in its bid for our separation

Money tried but failed woefully

And aimless tongues tried all they could but ended up

Hiding under the skirts of their mouths


I never knew fame could overthrow them

Here I sit, dressed like a mannequin

Remembering those days

When hunger had a permanent seat in my stomach


It is sad, this melody of fame

It lures its interests onto a stage

And makes them dance for eternity

Neglecting all life’s treasures


I may leave before you notice

I hope it won’t be too late then

I hope what memories you’ll have

Won’t be those we shared in the famished past

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2014





Sea shells

Sea shells

talk to the shores like pretty dolls

talk to their girls


They ask for cover

They ask for completeness

They ask for freedom but they get captured


If I’ll end up that way

Under your cover

Please leave me under this dangerous shade


The winds may rape me

As the moon watches

And the stars giggle


The rains may whip me

As the storm rages

And lightening watches


The sun may burn  me

As the breeze tries to soothe

My huge wounds


But I’d rather be in pieces

Than be painfully unpolished to shatter

In fine, safe hands

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2014




She’s like sapphire

Transparent in feelings,

She blabbers about her dearest

Embracing her absence

And wearing her yearnings like a beautiful gown


I feel I’m watching a weird movie

I live like her, if not more occupied

So why does she try to taunt me with names?

Could it be her loneliness is more attractive by the cover of a name?

Is the world treating her better because she has a name as her blanket?


Why can’t the world love reality?

I am unaided and I don’t hide it

But I’m free, free to live

I never wait in tear-jerking anticipation

I live waiting on me, that is sincerity


Being sincere is the best way

But the world condones lies to one’s self

I don’t want to live that way

I want to live making love to the African air

I want to live being caressed by the African sea


I cannot live being whipped by its deadly societal customs

Let the superstitions and bad treatments flee from me

Let those who lie to themselves get mirrors of truth

Let those who carry issues of people to the market

Buy real goods for sale


Mine will sell

But it’ll sell without returns

And I could care less

Because the seller gets beaten in the end

I’m living like a true African, not like one bounded by heavy societal wires

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © 2014




“I’ll close my heart

And stop it

From taking in any possible breaker


I’ll immerse myself

In work which keeps me fulfilled

And will never look into attractive eyes


I swear to live by myself

Doing good and neglecting all males

Let them drown for all I care”


All these are promises like a woman in labour

Her thoughts are hazy

Her hurt conquereth her mouth

Her pain makes her blabber unmeaning words


Love is like death

It needs no invitation

So let the pledge be as I have

And open up

Open the gates of your heart

And keep your head close

You never know

You might be hosting an angel in disguise

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2104





This is the part where I say thank you to all those who have been supporting me. My first anthology is coming up soon. It embodies everything we can think of, please watch out.



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Rains are blessings

Rains can be curses

Fire is a servant

Fire can be a murderer

Food is what we are

Food can steal our treasured lives

I am a near nirvana

Flawed, heavily flawed

In unmanageable hands

I am like the fire which kills the cold

But my buttons must not be pushed

Lest I kill the one I was protecting from the cold

I am flawless in my flawfulness

Always ready to serve

Cut to perfection’s perfection

Cut to perfection’s destruction

I am a flawless being

Treat me as such, and you’ll be served flawlessly

You treat me flawful to your own peril.

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2014




If there is a chance I’ll turn into a plant

When the earth receives my being,

Please make me a creeping plant

Specifically a water melon plant

And give me space to climb, crawl and lie

I’d like to climb the tallest tree

And give my tips the chance to feel the breeze

I’d like to crawl on any grounds

To feel the thorns and fine sand alike

I’d like to feel the rain, lie under the sun

And make it easy for it to talk to my open palms

I’d like to have the freedom to operate

And when the time comes,

I’d like to give birth to a fruit

Big enough to feed an entire household

Please let it be so

If there is a plant stage for beings.

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2014.





You took me to the land of ire

Where there’s none called sire

And made me an ire-nian

And a natural believer of “Do

What the Romans do

When you go to Rome”


I had the eyes which hatred emoted,

Hands which easily smote,

Mouth which spat and threw fits,

Legs which stomped and kicked,

A heart which fumed and drove destruction,

A head which was overtaken by my environ

And obviously, a body which rested not


What fled from me, was my conscience

It left with my objectivity and good judgment

I was left with all kicks and hits,

All shouting and spewing spear words,

All hatred while I was completely deaf,

I never knew in the land of the ire,

None had ears


I tore clothes of trust,

Destroyed jewelries of reverence

And wore from head to toe,

The clothes of shame after I left ire-land

Now here I am

On my knees

My eyes lowered

My mouth shut

My heart sober

My head bowed

My heart coiled

One palm sitting on the other

The only parts helping

Are the ears which did not go with me


I am truly wretched

Please help me up

Wash me clean

And never send me to the Land of Ire

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © 2014




I chew groundnut in its shell

I eat maize on its bell

Okro in my stew flows from my backyard

Plucking plantain is not hard

Getting cassava just needs a tool

If I want, I’ll eat like a fool

Pepper calls to be plucked

As tomatoes’s lipstick aims to seduce

Onions dance in the air

As salts washes itself on the shore

This is my home

This is Africa

This is Ghana.

The freedom of life,

The flirting with nature

Is best done on my shores

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2014






Do it to perfection

The needed direction

Which will take me to that mansion


Do it to perfection

By not going against your instruction

To cause any commotion


Do it to perfection

The words which wow the congregation

And gain you much affection


Because I’m open eyed in this mansion

Looking for why I need to undertake the huge mission

When you follow not your own vision


Hands sweep for legs to walk

Hearts issue for the mouth to talk

Don’t become a weak stalk.

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2014



I see you

With sadness sitting on your face

Impatience running you a race

Uncertainty holding your pace

And all the pain you brace


I see you

With the mentality growing in your mind

The fears you hide for none to find

The complacency of hatred you happily bind

And all the revenge you grind in your mind


I see you

Crying for help in a blind situation

From those who turn to announce to the nation

As you bow your head with no oration

And you feel like an inferior creation


I see you

Entangled in life’s ups and downs

You move from a town to many towns

And meet no good than many clowns

They dance around as your emotion frowns


I see you

He sees you

There’s that one who needs you

You only need to be you

And you’ll see the you in those eyes

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2014




Happy man standing at mountain top

Standing on a mountain top

I have the eyes to sadly pop

The ills which never seem to stop

In the full glare of the big cop


He is a big moral flop

Who has from his sanity gladly hop

He is being awarded a disgusting crop

To say no word to make them stop


Righteous ones shop

For the one to stop

The heinous weeds with much crop

But all have been bought by the crop


The weaver above must be awfully sad

Watching things which makes Him mad

How did things get this bad?

There is no difference between a lad and a dad


Help me fly

From this mountain of disgust

Try to help me fly

From this chaos of mistrust

So this view passes me by.

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © 2014





Tonight, I need to sing a duet

I’m equipped with this high tone set

On this stage where many have bet


Tonight, I need to blend in bliss

In a shivering electrifying kiss

To make enemies extremely hiss


Tonight, I need to sleep for long

In a world where I’ll safely belong

Blessed with a good love song


Tonight, I need to send away

All the commotions of yesterday

And wear thoughts which will happily pay


Tonight has to be the night

Where all our angels will watch right

And give all demons a fright


Tonight must be unforgettable

Our merging must never be regrettable

The tempo of our hearts needs to be laudable


Hold me here

Touch me there

Meet me square

Just be fair

And tomorrow’s feeling will be rare.

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2014





My journey is long

My aim is somewhere to belong

I was the earth, trampled upon

Pounded by metal boots

Then butchered


I felt all the pain

But ended up as part of some mortar

For construction of a building.

I couldn’t care less,

From the earth to the sky was an upgrade


Hardly did I know I’ll be part

Of a beautiful shelter

Which will go into the annals of nature

I stand, occasionally slapped

But I love this moment and will forever

Love the thoughts of rising with fresh wounds

Into looking at horrible scars

Then polishing to be a part of this building

An experience on this journey

I’ll keep moving, keep polishing

Until I reach the unslappables.

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2014



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